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2011 - 2016 The Marketing Forecast

Marketing ForecastInteractive marketing is quickly making itself an important part of the marketing mix for businesses. In the 'Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2009 - 2014' it explained how in 2009, 60% of marketers had fewer than 10 people decicated to interactive programs.

Things have changed since then and now only 17% of marketing teams are this small. By 2016, it is predicted that $77 million will be spent on interactive marketing, meaning that it will be 26% of all costs in advertising. This whitepaper will go into alot of the areas needed to understand the direction interactive marketing is heading now and for the future. 

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • Search's Shared Shrinks
  • Email Connects Everything
  • Social Media Growth

This whitepaper will give you all the information you'll need to take on the world of interactive marketing and make sure you don't get left behind with out-of-date marketing methods.

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