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How to win the complex salesDiscover how you can identify and engage with your potential customers to win that next sale.

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Convert More Sales

Convert More SalesWhy make digital marketing part of your strategy?
• Drive new revenue streams, attract new customers
• Deliver cost-effective, environmentally friendly marketing
• Find innovative ways to deliver your message

Convert More Sales

2016 The Marketing Forecast

marketing forecast

This whitepaper will give you all the information you'll need to take on the world of interactive marketing and make sure you don't get left behind with out-of-date marketing methods.

Marketing Forecast

Build Your Brand!

Build your B2B brand

Effective branding can elevate your product or business into something unique, and prevent you from being just one commodity among many similar others. It is important to leverage your brand to help your company stand out in increasingly competitive markets.

Build Your B2B Brand

SiliconCloud: What We Do - Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business Online

At SiliconCloud, our mission is to help you increase revenue via the web, maximize online sales, and launch business to the next level by effectively managing online presence, driving brand elevation, and informing sales strategies.

SiliconCloud are an inbound market strategy provider focused on creating online marketing solutions for our clients. The company was founded in 2009 at our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. We partner with our U.S. location to serve clients around the world. Our team of exceptionally dedicated and skilled digital geeks has a proven track record across the globe, making us a leader in online marketing solutions.

Our primary focus is clear: achieve the results that best serve our clients. We provide high quality, customized solutions that leverage online and social media platforms to drive leads and nurture relationships with potential customers. We put your marketing strategy on the right track, then we give you the option to leave it in our hands or manage it yourself. SiliconCloud will cater to your marketing needs no matter how small or large your business; our strategies can be adapted to bring success to any organization.

Our team is effective because we create original ideas and we tackle projects in a strategic, pragmatic way. Our flexibility enables us to tailor our services to meet the business needs of each individual client. We offer a wide scope of services, including:

  • Marketing consultancy: content creation, online business development, and brand design.
  • Our Integrated Solution Suite featuring web creative, lead generation, analytics, search marketing, in-bound marketing, business development, and tools that are proven to increase web traffic.
  • Website design and development: Call-to-Action buttons, landing page implementation, and professional SEO strategies.
  • Technical advice and support

SiliconCloud realise that design is only part of the big picture.

Your Marketing Strategy

SiliconCloud realise that creative design is only part of the big picture. We set ourselves apart from typical techie companies that approach marketing solely from a design standpoint, and who falsely believe that attractive features alone will drive revenue. All the flash animation and fancy widgets in the world are useless without an effective overall marketing strategy to back them up; that approach will eventually fail. Design may catch a customer’s eye, but it will not achieve the ultimate goal, which is making the sale. Clever design ideas combined with the effective implementation of a complete marketing strategy are what make your company stand out amongst competitors and achieve the quantifiable results you want.

SiliconCloud provide workable solutions that result in measurable revenue increase. We are not successful unless you are, and our processes are proven to convert browsers into buyers. We partner with you to create a highly effective Online Business Development Strategy. We show our clients how to leverage the Internet and be discovered by potential customers within their particular market.

We increase the value of our clients’ global real estate and traffic. On Main Street, shop owners choose a business location based on increasing foot traffic and maximizing exposure to their target demographics. Here at SiliconCloud, we know how to achieve the equivalent results on eStreet. We will not only bring traffic to your doorstep, but we will also turn those visitors into viable leads.

SiliconCloud morph idle websites from dust collecting relics into modern marketing machines that will attract leads and successfully convert them into profitable customers. We find that most of our clients do not have the necessary time or resources to devote to developing a successful Internet presence. Websites are rarely updated, Internet presence is not maximized to achieve significant visibility on search engines, traffic levels remain low, return visitors are rare, conversions don’t happen and may not even be tracked at all.

We partner with small to medium sized businesses, who market both online and offline. Our solutions are designed to support clients working within international markets and also companies who primarily target their national market. We work closely with all forms of industry, from hotels and hospitality to technology to insurance.

Every phase of the marketing process.

Free Marketing Consultation

SiliconCloud works with clients at every phase of the marketing process, including:

  • Customers who have been successful using traditional sales channels, are now ready to launch their first online campaign, and want to ensure they achieve the same success online.
  • Customers who have made previous attempts to take their traditional offline sales online, and perhaps things didn’t go as well as planned. We help get you back on track and lay the groundwork for the exponential growth you expect.
  • Customers who have been successful online and are now ready to take it to the next level.

The Internet has revolutionized the process by which companies do business. Is your company prepared for the marketing of the future? Find out what SiliconCloud can do for you.